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Conditioners, Emulsifiers & Waxes


AquaEm™ is a mutifunctional, water-soluble, emollient blend for both body and hair care! This high performance natural source ingredient is based on coconut fatty acids and a vegetable derived polyglyceryl ester. It will function as a solubilizer in aqueous systems to create a clear product with a silky feel! It's ideal for products such as body mist or leave-in hair conditioners. AquaEm's water soluble, superfatting properties are perfect for bath products such as shampoo, facial cleansers, body wash, dispersible bath blends, emulsifying scrubs and will provide emolliency and a conditioned afterfeel without compromising foam. The emulsification properties of AquaEm provide the basics for sprayable lotion! Use in this Oil-Free Body Milk formula. Clear liquid. Recommended usage 1% -10%. INCI: PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides (and) Polyglyceryl 6 Dioleate. The Original Soap Dish®is an AquaEm™ authorized distributor.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS)

Also known as "emulsifying conditioner", this gentle ingredient is the key to exceptional hair conditioners. It is derived from natural Colza oil and provides many functions. It is an exceptionally mild conditioning agent, detangler, and hair thickener. It also functions as the primary emulsifier in lotions and conditioners. It gives a soft powdery afterfeel to lotions and creams. Use in Basic Hair Conditioner, Shea-m On Me Scrub, or Luxury Lotion formula. Easy to use flakes. Recommended usage is 1-10%.INCI: Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol

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Emulsifying Wax NF

Derived from natural Palm Kernel, our emulsifying wax is a basic emulsifer for blending lotions and creams. Usage rate is around 3 to 5%. INCI: Emulsifying Wax NF or Cetylstearyl Alcohol (and) Polysorbate 60

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Quaternized Honey (aka honeyquat)

Made from natural honey, our quaternized honey is an excellent humectant, binding environmental moisture to itself, thereby increasing the moist- urization of skin and hair. Moisture uptake studies show that quaternized honey has twice the moisturizing ability of glycerin. It has the ability to soften and plasticize the skin by adding critical moisture. On hair, it leaves a clean, conditioned feeling, enhancing shine and luster due to its smoothing properties, especially on damaged hair. Quaternized honey will help to improve wet-combability of the hair and reduce and eliminate static build-up. Use in Luxury Lotion or Emu & Shea Cream formula. Clear to slightly hazy, pale straw colored liquid. Recommended usage is 2% to 5%. INCI: Hydroxypropyl-trimonium Honey

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Glycerin, USP

A humectant (draws water from the air, bringing it to the skin) that can be used at around 3 to 8% concentrations in your lotion formulas. INCI: Glycerin

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Nutrients & Proteins

dl Panthenol - Provitamin B5
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Research has shown that Panthenol penetrates the hair shaft and root, and can thicken the hair by up to 10%. It also increases the tensile strength of hair, giving it resistance to breakage. Panthenol makes a wonderful addition to hair conditioners, giving elasticity and luster to hair. Used in skin care and lotions, this clear liquid provides deep penetrating moisture that soothes irritated skin. Use in Deep Hair Conditioner or Shampoo Bar formula. Recommended usage 0.5 - 2.0%. INCI: Panthenol

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Hydrolyzed Silk Protein

Replaces our previous silk product. Protein for use in aqueous skin and hair care applications to improve moisturization, elasticity, and firmness, while contributing a soft, silky feel. Clear to slightly hazy amber liquid. Use in Deep Hair Conditioner or Luxury Lotion formula. Recommended usage 2 - 5%. INCI: Hydrolyzed Silk

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Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Naturally derived, this moisture balancing protein offers film forming effects, and adds body and shine to hair. Able to penetrate the cuticle of the hair, this protein is a good choice for dry, brittle, damaged hair. Amber liquid. Provides moisture in skin care products, making skin feel soft and smooth. Use in Deep Hair Conditioner, Shampoo Bar, or Luxury Lotion formula. Recommended usage 1 - 5 % INCI: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

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Preservatives & Antioxidants

Jeecide P (Phenonip replacement)

This broad spectrum liquid preservative is identical to Phenonip at a more economical price. Effective in a pH range of 3-8. Works well in preparations requiring higher temperatures. Soluble in both oil and water. Water should be heated to 140 - 158 degrees F to properly dissolve the preservative. Usage rate is 0.25% - 1.0%. INCI: Phenoxyethanol, Methylparben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben

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T-95 Natural Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

95% active blend of of natural mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) for preventing oxidation in oils and cosmetics containing oils. T-95 is the highest potency natural mixed tocopherol available. Highly recommended for lotions, lip balms, scrubs, or extending the shelf life of your oils. Effective at the rate of .04% to 1%. INCI: Tocopherol

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TSD Antioxidant Compound™

A compound of botanical extracts high in phytochemicals, known as polyphenols. Supporting research indicates that polyphenols act as free radical scavengers, reducing the damaging effects of skin cell oxidation. These botanicals are also know for their anti-inflammatory effects. Use this amber liquid in skin care and lotions. Use in this Luxury Lotion formula. Recommended usage 2-5%. INCI: Glycerin, Olea Europaea(Olive)Leaf Extract (and) Aspalathus Linears(African Red Bush)Extract (and) Ginko Biloba Extract (and) Camelia Sinensis(White Tea)Extract (and) Camelia Sinensis(Green Tea)Extract


Stearic Acid (Triple Pressed Vegetable)

Used at the rate of .25 to .5 ounce per pound of base oils, stearic acid can be used to harden your soap. A great addition to formulas high in oils that produce soft soap, such as castor, sunflower, or corn oils. We make shampoo bars with as much as 20% castor that would be extremely soft, if it weren't for the addition of stearic acid. Try in this Shampoo Bar Formula . Also used as a thickener/stiffener in lotions at a rate of about 3 to 5%. SAP Value: NaOH .146 / KOH .206 INCI: Stearic Acid

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Citric Acid

Combined with sodium bicarbonate, citric acid is what puts the fizz in your bath bombs and fizzies. Can be used to balance acidity in lotions and haircare products. Recommended usage .25 and 1%. Lotions that are too acidic may irritate the skin. This item may NOT be shipped with Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide, per US DOT Regulations. INCI: Citric Acid

TSD Conditioning Ester™

Provides light conditioning and improves both wet and dry combability in hair products. Also provides emollience and a non-greasy elegant feel to applications containing very small amounts of oil. Clear liquid. Use in Deep Hair Conditioner, Yogurt Clay Facial Masque, or Luxury Lotion formula. Recommended usage is 1-5%. INCI: C 12-15 Alkyl Benzoate

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Making your own lotions and cosmetics?

Lotion, bath salts, bath oils, and other related products are considered cosmetics by the FDA. If you are making and selling them, be sure that you are complying with the laws and regulations put forth by the FDA. Check out their online cosmetic handbook . Pay special attention to the Cosmetic Labeling Manual, and the Regulatory Requirements For Marketing (found in the Cosmetic Handbook for Industry). We try to provide INCI names with our products, to make your labeling easier.


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